Imaging setting your own schedule and making an extra $1000 a month in your free time. There's an easy, proven way that thousands of people are using to earn extra money. You can sharpen knives! Wait, what? Yes, you read that correctly. Before you discredit the idea, try to think about how many people you know have at least one knife. It's all of them, isn't it? Everyone has and uses knives and those knives become dull. Someone needs to sharpen them so they perform well. Cutting vegetables should be easy and satisfying - it shouldn't feel like a hassle or a chore. It's for that exact reason that people will pay you to sharpen their knives. 


You might be thinking "I understand how knife sharpening services can make a lot of money, but what do I know about sharpening knives? How am I going to find customers? How would I set up my business?"

Good questions. 

My name is Kyle Kaplan. I've been teaching people how to sharpen knives for one of the top knife sharpening equipment manufacturers in the world for nearly a decade. I can assure you that learning how to sharpen knives is much easier than you think it is, especially if you know how and where to focus your learning efforts. Setting up a knife sharpening business to find and earn customers is slightly more complicated, but if you apply the right amount of dedication and follow the simple steps I've outlined, you can have your business up and running in less than 10 days from right now. 

All you need to learn about sharpening knives and starting a profitable knife sharpening service can be found in the Start a Knife Sharpening Service eBook and online training course. Learn the six business strategies commonly used in the knife sharpening service industry, dozens of marketing ideas you can implement to find customers, which sharpening equipment to use, and how to use that sharpening equipment to create insanely sharp knives. 

  • Easy to follow, step-by-step outline of exactly what you need to need to do start your business
  • Proven marketing strategies
  • Basic and advanced sharpening techniques you can learn to impress your customers