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Kyle Kaplan

Author: "Start a Knife Sharpening Service"

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Eve - June, 2021

This book is a great primer to starting a business with useful advice, links and strategies to support the reader's success. Besides being a great resource on business strategies I was surprised to find how this small easy to read book was so comprehensive in sharpening techniques. If you are already coming in with experience or for the novice, such as me, I trust you will benefit from the perspectives in this book. The tone is personable, quick read and easy to flip through when needing to reference something with great illustrations and photographs. I was so happy to sell my first sharpened knife and I have this book to thank for it. Trust yourself and apply yourself after reading this book and you will succeed.

Gary - July, 2021

Thanks Kyle for writing this book and laying out the basics for starting up a sharpening business. I had been thinking about a business that I could do going into retirement. I like knives and had been looking at different sharpening systems on the internet. I happen to see your video that led me to this your book. I am so glad it did. The different aspects of a sharpening service start up are touched upon but it was the quality of care for the knife and customer service that stood out to me.

The book is a very good starting point and good reference to get your business off the ground.

Mark - August, 2021

I just wanted to quickly reach out and thank you for the resources that you’ve put out for knife sharpening and starting a sharpening service. I’m getting my community business off the ground next week, and have found the process up to this point to be enjoyable and rewarding. 

I’m brand new to knife sharpening, as I decided out of the blue to pick it up as a new hobby. I read your book and watched many of your YouTube videos… you’ve unknowingly been mentoring me through this process. I’m excited to get started and learn more. Again, just wanted to say thanks!