When I set out to write Start a Knife Sharpening Service, my ultimate goal was, and still is to, help people build their own businesses and help them achieve financial freedom. In today's world, costs of living are increasing faster than wages, making it harder and harder to get ahead financially. Starting my own sharpening service was a complete game changer for me. It helped me find some financial breathing room and made paying the bills each month a whole lot easier. Just after I turned 30, at a time when I was taking stock in my life, I asked myself a question: "What can I give to the world that would make a meaningful impact on people's lives." The answer to that question is the book and the other resources I have developed to help people start their own knife sharpening services. 

My background is in knife sharpening, business, marketing, and customer service. Though I have some formal education in business and marketing, my real education took place over the past nine years working for Wicked Edge Precision Knife Sharpeners - a company that manufactures some of the best knife sharpening equipment in the world. One of the primary components of my job at Wicked Edge is in customer education. For the past nine years I have helped people learn how to sharpen knives. I have spent my entire adult life doing this work, and now my focus is to help people not only sharpen their own knives, but sharpen knives for other people to earn money. 

If you decide to start a knife sharpening service, I am here to help. If you want advice about setting up your business, have a question about how to sharpen a specific knife, or need a new marketing idea, please feel free to email me.

I look forward to working with you!