Educate Your Customers About Cutting Pressure

Many people get so used to using dull knives that they actually develop the wrong muscle memory for how to use their knives. When using a dull knife, more pressure is required to force the knife through object being cut. When using a sharp knife, significantly less pressure is required to get the job done. 

"A sharp knife is a safe knife and a dull knife is a dangerous knife."

This common phrase in the knife world refers to the amount of pressure needed to cut through an object. When a dull knife is used, more pressure is necessary which greatly increases the chances of an accident if the knife slips while being used. A sharp knife requires less pressure, which reduces the chances of an accident. 

In theory, this is a sound argument. However, in reality there is a flaw. That flaw is muscle memory. When people get used to using dull knives they develop poor muscle memory which will undoubtedly result in using too much pressure with a sharp knife. When you use too much pressure with sharp knife, the chances of an accident and the severity of that accident increase. 

The solution to this problem is in educating your customers about how much pressure to use with their knives.

In addition to being dangerous, using too much pressure with knives will expedite the dulling process. Though you want your customers to come back to you for sharpening more frequently, I've actually found that you can build loyalty with your customers much faster by educating them about how to keep their knives sharp for a longer period of time. 

To accomplish both educational objectives, you can try sending something like this in your post-purchase follow-up email to your customers: 

"Thank you so much for choosing [insert your business name]! Your knives are now incredibly sharp. Handle them with care, and remember to use less pressure when cutting. Less cutting pressure is not only safer, but will also help your knives stay sharp for a longer period of time. These are some other tips you can use to keep your knives sharp and in great condition...."